Latin American Christian Institute

"For a long time now -
to this very day - you
have not deserted your brothers but have carried out the mission the
LORD your
God gave you."

Josiah 22:3

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The mission of Latin American Christian Institute is to promote the study of the Bible as the divinely inspired and infallible Word of God among people representative of the various cultures and nationalities of

the Americas who desire to further

their knowledge of the Bible and train

to become capable ministers and teachers of God's Word among the people of the Americas.

Approximately 50% of the student body of Instituto Biblico
Latino Americano are Aztec or Mayan indigenous people.


The Latin American Christian Institute (LACI) is a duly organized California 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  LACI collects contributions and does fundraising to operate a Latin American religious educational ministry at Instituto Biblico Latino Americano (IBLA)in Tijuana, Mexico.  IBLA is a duly organized non-profit pursuant to the Mexican government operated under the Centro Internacional de Desarrollo Integral A.C. in Mexico.

By establishing non-profit organizations on both sides of the United States and Mexican borders, LACI is in full compliance with all non-profit rules and regulations, and therefore your contribution which is given in the United States is lawfully transferred to Mexico in support of our Latin American missions work. We invite you to visit the campus, meet the students, fellowship and share a meal, and see your contributions at work. To arrange a visit to IBLA, please contact us by email.


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